Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! In the Vedic tradition of astrology, there are many different calendars and systems of reckoning time (kaala chakra). One of the most commonly used methods to determine the New Year is based on the astro-chart for the New Moon in Pisces, which occurs around the Spring Equinox every year, this year on March 22, 2012, at 10:37:05 AM in Washington, DC.  This chart is known as the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. For anyone wanting to know more about the New Year chart, astrologer Steve Stuckey has written an outstanding article published by both Jyotish Star and Saptarishis Astrology.[i]

Samvatsara is a Sanskrit term for “year.” In the Vedic system, there are 60 samvatsaras. The South Indian calculations for the samvatsaras are different from those in North India, and there are also two different ways of ordering the years, but most astrologers today use Sage Varahamahira’s method. Continue reading

Deflation or Inflation? Saturn and Ketu in Venus-Ruled Signs

Saturn is transiting in sidereal Libra currently, and Ketu (the Moon’s South Node) is transiting in sidereal Taurus, both signs belonging to Venus, which in mundane astrology symbolizes currency and its circulation, banks, stock exchange, commodity and cattle markets, revenue and securities, etc. Continue reading

Fall Equinox Chart – September 2011

Leo rises in the Fall Equinox chart for Washington, DC, at 12 longitudinal degrees and 29 minutes, in the nakshatra called Magha. This nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris (Ancestors), so it is especially fitting since the equinox occurs during the Hindu festival of Sradda (September 13-27), when karmic debts are repaid and offerings are given on behalf of one’s familial and spiritual ancestors. After Sradda will be my favorite Hindu festival of the year, Maha Navaratri (Nine Nights of Mother Divine), a blessed time of year, particularly for those of us who worship the Holy Mother in any of her forms (September 27 to October 6). Continue reading