Mars Retrograde Cycle: Sparking inner fire, valor and drive to get the work done

Kuja (Mars) is the graha that signifies our efforts to find security in a world that is often fraught with danger, upheaval and loss. In relation to our view from Earth, Kuja will become completely stationary (vikal) from Jan. 23-25, after which it will retrograde (vakra) from Jan. 25 until April 15 (tax day :)). When a graha is stationary it is the strongest, and when retrograde it is also very strong. Kuja’s manifestations can be “good” and/or “bad” depending on its placement and various aspects in the natal, mundane and transit horoscopes. Continue reading

Mars Ingress into Sidereal Leo

Been feeling at loose ends? Emotionally frustrated or vulnerable? Lacking some manner of focus or energy? If so, then it may be time to celebrate because Mars is leaving sidereal Cancer and entering Leo today at 12:36 PM EDT. Since Sept. 9, Mars has been transiting through Cancer, its least favorite placement in the zodiac, its sign of debilitation (fall), where… is represents a “disturbance in the force.” Continue reading