Super-Start to 2018!

The New Year is starting out strong with a potent Full SuperMoon (Snow Moon) which culminates on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2018 at 9:24 PM Eastern Time (January 2 at 1:24 AM Universal Time). SuperMoons occur a few times a year when the Full or New Moon is closer to the Earth than normal (perigee). This SuperMoon on January 1 is the largest one of 2018! SuperMoons are known to create larger than typical ocean tides, and they also heighten our emotional energy, for “good or bad.” One theory behind this so-called “lunar effect” is that an enhanced release of neurohormones is triggered by the Full Moon’s electromagnetic radiation and/or gravitational pull.

The Full Moon falls in Gemini constellation, Ardra nakshatra conjunct the fixed star Alzirr which is considered to be a star of affliction and illness, especially for travelers. The higher evolutionary nature of Ardra Moon will shine potently through ardent feelings and deep perception, but the less favorable expression can be revealed through potential for literal or figurative stormy conditions and arduous events in the coming days.

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2018 Astrological Forecast: Starting Out Strong with Saturn

Mundane astrology employs several different horoscopes to track the unfolding of karma of our collective reality. One of these horoscopes is cast for the exact moment of summer or winter solstice. Solstices mark the northerly or southerly excursion of the Sun relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. In the northern hemisphere, the northern point is summer solstice, and the southern one is winter solstice. In the southern hemisphere, the northern point is winter solstice, and the southern is summer solstice. The solstices are powerful turning points that separate the solar year into two halves, and so, whatever is happening astrologically in a solstice chart reveals something about how the stage is set for the six months to follow.

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In Vedic astrology, the solstices are known as ayanas. Around December 21, the northern hemisphere experiences the winter solstice which marks the beginning of uttarayana, the Sun’s waxing “yang” cycle that extends from winter to summer solstice, which is a time of increasing light, growing awareness, action, development, and fulfillment. This is the half of the year which is best for beginning all important new ventures. Summer solstice occurs around June 21 and marks the beginning of dakshinayana, the Sun’s waning “yin” half of the year which is the season of decreasing light, receptivity, purification, completion, and enjoyment of what was initiated in uttarayana. All of this is reversed in the southern hemisphere which just celebrated summer solstice and the beginning of dakshinayana on December 21.

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Saturn in Sagittarius (Shani in Dhanu): October 26, 2017 to January 23, 2020

After having been transiting in sidereal Scorpio since early November 2014, with a brief transit into sidereal Sagittarius from January 26 – June 20, 2017, Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius on October 26 at 5:53:54 AM Eastern Time, and will remain here until January 2020. This is a welcome relief as Saturn in enemy Mars’ sign of Scorpio stirred up a lot of intense conflict and suffering for the world. On the other hand, Saturn and Jupiter (the lord of Sagittarius) are more neutral to each other. Whew, that may mean less stress ahead with this new transit, especially after late November once Saturn gets past the tumultuous beginning part (first navamsa / 3 degrees and 20 minutes) of Sagittarius. Saturn transits in a sign for about three years and takes almost 30 years to traverse the whole zodiac, so the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius before 2017 was from 1987-1990. You might want to look back and see if there were any themes playing out in your own life at that time (if you were alive then), which might then repeat themselves to a certain extent in this new cycle. In astrological consultations, I am focusing now on this new transit to predict what it might entail for my clients, as it depends where and how it is influencing one’s natal chart (etc.etc.), as to its unique individual effect.

I looked back to all the times Saturn was in Sagittarius going back in thirty-year intervals for several hundred years, and unfortunately found only one constant theme, which was war for America. This includes the American Revolutionary War; Native American Wars; War of 1812; Philippine-American War; and the Cold War (as well as Reconstruction after the American Civil War). The theme of war makes sense for Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius when we look at it in the U.S. birth chart (Kelleher chart). Here, Saturn transits in the first house and squares the tenth house of karma, which is doubly important as Saturn himself represents weighty karmic events.

From Sagittarius, Saturn also aspects the Moon/eighth house lord of upheaval, transformation, and war; and further aspects (triggers) the seventh house of enemies, which is occupied by Mars (military action/war); Venus (lord of the sixth house of conflict and war); Jupiter (lord of America and its dharma); and the Sun (Saturn’s enemy, and also a planet of authority, as well as a lord of dharma since it rules the ninth house). Will there be another war again this time? Possibly, and especially when Pluto and Saturn conjoin in 2019-2020.

On a brighter note, Saturn in Sagittarius is usually pretty good for commerce and the economy, and is especially strong for major banking developments (Saturn relates to business and development, and the lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter, symbolizes banks and banking). Many major banking developments occurred during this transit in times past. Regarding the Great Depression, yes it did fall during the Saturn in Sagittarius transit, but other significant economic downturns in our history did not occur in this transit. There were of course many other astrological factors at play beyond simply the Saturn in Sagittarius transit during the Great Depression.

Saturn represents transformation; traditions, boundaries, and restrictions; accountability; reality checks; and discipline. He seeks to impose limits and make corrections in the areas he influences. This means there will be many powerful tensions to resolve in areas related to the domain of Sagittarius, including banking, as mentioned already; and also military matters, foreign policy, and the law; publishing and media; the travel industry; higher education; commerce, tariffs and international trade; culture; immigration; religion and shared ideologies; and perhaps most importantly, justice and liberty.

Saturn will be negatively impacted by his aspect with malefics in various country and individual horoscopes (as mentioned, for example, in the U.S. chart), and further afflicted on and off by various transiting aspects involving Mars, Pluto and Rahu/Ketu. This means we may see an upsurge in sanctimonious and even militant proselytizing among those “staunch believers” who would do anything to impose their ideological convictions upon others. At the same time, this struggle may open the doors for various reforms. Vedic astrologer Steven Stuckey shared some of his excellent research with me about the fact that Saturn in Sagittarius is associated with religious freedom, progress, and reformation (religion/religious freedom/progress = Sagittarius, and reformation = Saturn). Steven explained it as follows:

“Going back a bit in history, the Reformation in Europe, or schism in the Roman Catholic Church, was generally thought to have started with the publication of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 1517. Saturn, Pluto and Ketu were closely conjoined in Sagittarius at the time…Saturn was also in Sagittarius when the Puritan/Pilgrims established the first Protestant Episcopal Church in Jamestown, MA  on June 21, 1607. Just a few months prior to that, the first Anglican Episcopal Church was founded on April 29, 1607…Roger Williams, who was banished from the American colonies, founded the new colony of Rhode Island as a haven for those seeking freedom from religious persecution in 1635-36 when Saturn was again in Sagittarius. Harvard University was founded on Sept 9, 1636 by Massachusetts Puritans for the original purpose of training ministers. Saturn was also in Sagittarius at that time. The upcoming Saturn/Pluto/Ketu conjunction in 2019 will be the first time those planets have been together in Sagittarius since the Reformation—so perhaps we can expect some changes or a shake-up coming to the Catholic Church or religious fundamentalism in general.”

Saturn in Sagittarius serves to test and strengthen our spiritual faith, the capacity to let go and trust in a higher plan. In its more enlightened manifestation, this placement is seen in the birth charts of charismatic leaders, teachers, and preachers who are passionate in their desire to bring higher teachings (Jupiter/Sagittarius) down to earth (Saturn). Saturn in Sagittarius can be quite generous, wise, and humanistic, with a strong desire to liberate others (Sagittarius) from various kinds of oppression (Saturn). Desmond Tutu; Ram Dass; Bhagavan Shree Rajneesh (Osho); Martin Luther King; and Gary Snyder were all born with Saturn in Sagittarius. The following quotes by these five great souls sum up some of the more evolved expressions of this placement:

1. Desmond Tutu: “As much as the world has an instinct for evil and is a breeding ground for genocide, holocaust, slavery, racism, war, oppression, and injustice [Saturn, significator of suffering], the world has an even greater instinct for goodness, rebirth, mercy, beauty, truth, freedom and love [Jupiter].

2. Ram Dass: “Suffering [Saturn] is part of our training program for becoming wise [Jupiter/Sagittarius].”

3. Osho: “Be realistic [Saturn]: Plan for a miracle [Jupiter/Sagittarius].”

4. Dr. Martin Luther King: “We must accept finite disappointment [Saturn], but never lose infinite hope [Sagittarius, sign of infinite hope].

5. Gary Snyder: “Nature [Saturn] is orderly [Jupiter/Sagittarius]. That which appears to be chaotic in nature [Saturn] is only a complex kind of order [Jupiter].”

Happy Saturn in Sagittarius!



Astrological Analysis of Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock

Dwelling mentally on the objects of sense leads to attachment to them. From attachment arises desire and from desire, anger. From anger springs forth lack of discrimination which leads to loss of memory. From loss of memory ensues the destruction of intelligence, and the destruction of intelligence results in decay. (Bhagavad-Gita II: 62-63)

Stephen Craig Paddock was an American mass murderer who committed the 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting which began at ~10:05 PM on October 1, 2017 when “He fired modified semi-automatic weapons from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel into a crowd of approximately 22,000 concertgoers at a country music festival. He later died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incident surpassed the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting as the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in U.S. history, with 58 fatalities (excluding Paddock) and 489 injuries.” (Wikipedia)

The birth data for Stephen Paddock is rated AA (Accurate/Accurate/from birth certificate) and can be found on

I am a Neo-Vedic astrologer and my astrological analysis is based on the sidereal zodiac, Lahiri Ayanamsha. In this article, I focus on Paddock’s birth chart and transit and progression triggers. I have not focused my analysis on the event chart but will say at least that the fixed star alignments in this event chart reveal a tragic and evil event.

These are the charts for the shooting incident:

And these are the charts for Stephen Paddock’s birth horoscope:

After studying multiple reports along with the horoscope for the event and Paddock’s astrological chart, I am inclined to believe that he had all the necessary potential to perform such an odious act, that he acted alone, and was motivated simply by the warped desire to express his evil nature. What do I mean by “his evil nature”? Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck wrote extensively on his theories of evil in People of the Lie, in which he defined evil as a “force of personal will totally lacking in compassion or spiritual perspective.” For my purposes in this article, “evil” is further defined as any immoral, destructive, and injurious action by an individual, a group of individuals, or a force of nature that causes turmoil and harm to others. It is malevolent and inhumane behavior marked by aggression; and involves taking advantage of others for one’s own benefit.

Scientists have created theories about the development of certain traits of evil/amoral or “antisocial” behavior in individuals, traditionally known as “sociopath/sociopathic” or “psychopath/psychopathic.” In the DSM 5/Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, “Antisocial Personality Disorder” (APD) is defined as a character disorder among individuals who habitually and pervasively disregard or violate the rights and considerations of others without remorse, as in “evil.” In astrology, the significations for “evil” and for severe mental illness, especially as in pathological personality disorders, are most often one and the same.

Research has shown that psychopaths (APD) are indifferent to the threat of physical pain, and show no indications of fear when threatened, which may explain their apparent disregard for the consequences of their actions, and their lack of empathy for the suffering of others. Clearly Stephen Paddock fits into this category based on his actions on October 1, 2017. Not only that, but he was known to be a cold and calculating risk taker throughout his life, which is common among those with APD. His father was a diagnosed psychopath, and it is understood that the temperamental traits that lead to this personality disorder are mostly genetic.

Paddock’s natal horoscope has many 29-degree planets or points, including 1) his ascendant/lagna (body-intelligence-soul incarnation) at 29 Gemini; 2) his Moon (feeling mind, ability to connect with others) at 29 Capricorn; 3) Mercury (intellect) at 29 degrees Aquarius; 4) and Neptune (psychic receptivity and our deepest emotions) at 29 Virgo. Adding further insult, his Moon is in a 6/8 inconjunct (quincunx/shasta-ashtakam) with the lagna, indicating chronic emotional disharmony in need of constant adjustment.

The 29th degree is often called the “death degree,” and is sometimes associated with “death lust.” In Vedic astrology, planets and points at the 29th degree are often thought to be extremely weak, and when there are so many of these, confusion reigns through a repeating theme of incoherent expression and a confused sense of self and purpose. Through hundreds of interviews by those who knew him, Paddock has been portrayed as aloof and disconnected, all of which fits into the scenario of multiple 29-degree placements.

The 29th degree is anaretic (destroying form) and thus is associated with a sense of always having or being “too little, too late,” or “being at the end of one’s rope,” thus indicating great frustrations in the life. Three 29-degree planets as well as the lagna could indicate someone “living on the edge,” with a tendency to over-compensate to the point of perpetual crisis. The 29th degree is also called “fated,” meaning that one with so many of these degrees may play out an unusual destiny. The 29th degree is often connected to “blindness,” which can refer to a literal problem with eyesight, or a lack of clear vision leading to recklessness.

Jupiter, planet of wisdom, righteousness, and justice, is at the zero degree of Taurus, weakly placed in the twelfth house and debilitated in its navamsa, thus acting wholly debilitated (weak). Planets at the zero degree of even signs (like Capricorn) are called mrita avastha according to Vedic astrology, meaning “dead” and not capable of giving anything unless they are propitiated to the point where the associated issues can be brought to light and healed. Thus, the capacity for Jupiter’s grace was sorely lacking within Paddock’s character. In addition, those with zero degree planets and points are often found to act impetuous or immature, which is why we often see them in the astrological charts of hardened criminals. With all his sandhi placements (29-degree and the 0-degree), Paddock had paradoxical qualities and lived between worlds somehow.

In my data base of astrological charts, I found two other criminals born on Paddock’s birth day of April 9. The first seems very synchronous, in that it is the late Eric Harris, one of the diabolical shooters in the infamous Columbine High School Massacre (April 9, 1981). Mental health researchers have concluded that Eric had a disturbed personality with prominent antisocial, narcissistic, and sadistic traits. He also had a god-complex as he once said, “I would love to be the ultimate judge and say if a person lives or dies — be godlike.”

In an interview with an executive casino host in Las Vegas, Paddock was also described as having a “god-complex” which is another term for being an “anti-social narcissist.” We often see narcissism in charts of those with prominent Bharani nakshatra (ruled by Mars/Aries and Venus/Bharani); similarly, conjunctions of Mars and Venus when afflicted will often reflect narcissistic traits. Harris’s horoscope reveals the latter, whereas Paddock’s chart reveals both. The event chart for the shooting also has the Mars-Venus conjunction (in the sidereal sign of Leo).

Further, Harris’ and Paddock’s charts each have the lunar nodes in Cancer-Capricorn (inverted between the two horoscopes), which in either form can point to an inferiority complex. Also both have Sun in Pisces opposite Saturn. One with the Sun in Pisces must learn to develop a firm sense of identity, but Saturn’s aspect reveals roadblocks to this process, meaning there is little possibility of finding a healthy sense of self. The end result points to problems with authority.

The Sun falls in Revati nakshatra on April 9. Here, the Sun indicates a person who can be extremely sensitive with a strong tendency to overcompensate for personal insecurities. With the Sun afflicted, as with Paddock’s chart, the father would be emotionally or physically absent or abusive, setting up trust issues and a tendency to feel alienated and to have many secrets. The secrets usually come out in the end, just as Pisces and Revati are at the end of the zodiac. It is also important to note that for April 9 birthdays, the Sun in its navamsa falls in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, which if afflicted can be associated with immoral or criminal actions and quite a few “skeletons in the cupboard.”

The second case study I have is less well known but equally malevolent. Her name is Valerie Solanas (April 9, 1936). She called herself a radical “feminist” (I use that term lightly for her). She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and is perhaps best known for writing the SCUM Manifesto and attempting to murder Andy Warhol. The French poet Charles Baudelaire who was also severely mentally ill was born on April 9 (1821). I am not saying everyone born on April 9 is mentally ill or criminal, but these examples provide some curious synchronicities.

Just as another interesting “coincidence,” recently deceased Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was also born on April 9 (1926). He died three days before Paddock’s Las Vegas bloodbath occurred. This synchronicity pointed me to the fact that the Sun (April 9/same Sun placement) in both charts (Hefner and Paddock) must have been triggered for death around the end of September and early October; and it was, by exact aspects with Saturn (death) and both lunar nodes (Rahu trine, and Ketu sextile, indicating fated events). In regard to Paddock, these aspects involving the trine from transiting Rahu (north node) to transiting Saturn and to Paddock’s Sun reflect the mass catastrophe that he created.

Paddock’s ascendant (rising sign or lagna) is at 29+ degrees of sidereal Gemini conjoined the fixed star Pollux, the wicked twin brother of Castor. This “evil twin” archetype repeats itself as the chart ruler Mercury falls in the nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada, which is known as the “two-faced man,” a Jekyll-Hyde dual persona who lives both a public and a secret life, which is exactly what has been discovered about Paddock. Pollux is Mars-like (forceful), and its lower expression can be “blind, tyrannical and brutal” (Ebertin). Paddock has been described in multiple interviews as having many interpersonal conflicts and an aggressive personality. Further, his brother named him “the king of micro-aggressions.”

Paddock consorted with prostitutes, and it is actually believed that he spent the last few days of his life with an escort. In a recent interview with one of Paddock’s prostitutes, he was characterized as having a dark and violent nature which included persistent rape fantasies. He bragged that he was “born bad,” which his brother also echoed after the massacre when he said that Stephen Paddock’s mother called him a “bad boy.” One of Paddock’s prostitutes also described him as having an obsessive, paranoid personality with a passion for conspiracy theories.

Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra (where Paddock’s chart lord Mercury resides, and his Sun’s navamsa resides too) is ruled by a diabolical being called Aja Ekapada. In its lowest expression, this is the paramount nakshatra of “evil” as well as dark conspiracies and bizarre conspiracy theories. How appropriate that Paddock’s legacy will be defined by the multitude of conspiracy theories about him and his final motives. This fits perfectly well, in that Mercury in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra occupies the ninth house of the horoscope, which is the section that relates to posthumous fame.

We may never really know the truth about the reason behind his rampage, but I wonder if the motive was simply to leave everyone else “holding the bag,” wondering what happened, which seems very much in tune with someone of such a sadistic nature. Author, pod-caster, and Master Persuader Scott Adams recently conjectured that the motive might simply have been to show us his evil side, to finally let it all out. Perhaps Paddock’s recent Valium prescription helped reduce his inhibitions so he could “free” his dark side.

Pollux associated with the ascendant (as in this case) suggests one with a brilliant intellect, but a cruel and quarrelsome nature (Dr. Eric Morse). This fits with what has been reported about Paddock after hundreds of interviews, including one with his brother that described him as a highly intelligent and successful person who could and did accomplish anything that he wanted. He was described by another interviewee as someone who was a perfectionist who methodically studied other people with a cold and calculating eye. Clearly, he had the capacity and wherewithal to carefully mastermind and execute mayhem with maximum carnage, especially since he was such a high roller at Mandalay Bay…a totally unsuspecting figure, no doubt.

Several indications of mental illness (including psychopathy/anti-social personality disorder) exist in Paddock’s chart. We would want to see at least three of these in the birth chart of someone who would commit such evil actions, and the points in question should carry other afflictions too, as they do in this case: Moon square Mars; Mars square the lunar nodes; Mars conjoined Venus; Mars opposite Saturn; Saturn opposite Sun (indicating Paddock’s irreverence to authority); and Mars square Pluto (the latter being a combination for the Jekyll-Hyde complex).

The classic combination for megalomania also exists, which is Saturn conjunct Neptune. This is not always the case (not all with this combination have megalomania, and not all with megalomania have this conjunction). However, here it is suggested, given the full Mars aspect to Saturn and Neptune, and the fact that Saturn and Neptune are in the nakshatra of Mars known as Chitra, which sometimes paint a glorified (but false) picture of the life of the native.

Saturn is exalted and vargottama but weak in bala avastha (infant state at the early part of the odd sign of Libra) which means it only has one-fourth of its necessary strength. This was apparently enough strength for a successful real estate career (Saturn is in the fourth house of real estate in the equal bhava chart). He was also a gambler which makes sense as Saturn is conjoined Neptune; and Saturn rules the eighth and ninth houses (indicating gambling success). I have heard rumors about his possibly being involved in money laundering. This could also be true given what I see here.

Saturn in the fourth house of the equal bhava chart, and under malefic influence (aspect from Rahu and Sun), forms Kapata Yoga, a combination for a pretender, and someone who is highly capable of living a secret life and committing atrocities, a perfect description for Paddock. Saturn in the Chandra lagna (Moon) chart forms Sasa Yoga which can also sometimes be indicative of a cold-hearted person.

Neptune and Saturn form a Yod or Finger of Fate (or Finger of God) with Jupiter and Mercury, an aspect formation involving a sextile between Jupiter and Mercury, while both are in a quincunx (6/8) with Neptune/Saturn. Based on what I have already described above, and based on the nature of a Yod which points to fated circumstances, I see a strong destiny and purpose tied up with some deeply warped fixed delusions (Neptune). This Yod would have also made him feel out of control at times, yet also enjoying a sense of danger, as in “living on the edge” which is repeated in all his sandhi (29 or 0 degree) placements in the chart. This seems a volatile situation given that it occurs in a horoscope having such a dominant mutable sign signature, which can point to a highly creative, restless, and high-strung constitution.

Nearly all serial killers and mass murderers have an afflicted but strong Mars as in this case. Mars here is a temporal malefic (ruler of houses six and eleven) and a natural malefic, and thus his nature is harsh, acute, and violent. Mars being opposite Saturn and Neptune can be a signature for a confused and violent nature. Mars is in his own sign of Aries in Ruchaka Yoga (warrior combination/giving a militaristic outlook) in the fourth house from the Moon (Chandra lagna chart).

Mars falls in Bharani nakshatra which is ruled by Yama, the god of death. The most extremist of all the nakshatras, Bharani’s lower expression can be cruel, fierce, restless, arrogant, vain, impatient, and narcissistic. Yama also gives Bharani natives a strong capacity to endure a lot of suffering and carry a heavy weight in life. Mars additionally afflicts fifth lord Venus by an in-sign conjunction (fifth lord is ruler of the mind/wisdom; and Venus in Aries with Bharani Mars can be quite fanatical). Mars is combust the Sun (which can be angry). We often see Aries afflictions like this in the charts of mentally ill or sociopathic/narcissistic/sadistic criminals indicating perhaps some pathological problem in the brain and mind.

Both Jupiter and Mercury also represent the brain and mind, and both are weak and afflicted in various ways including being on the edges of their respective signs. Mercury again is in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, whose lower expression can be connected to some kind of malevolent quality or activity. A great number of gruesome murders including mass genocides have been committed by those with prominent and afflicted Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, since this nakshatra relates to the “persecutor and the persecuted” (Prash Trivedi).

Neptune is sandhi (29th degree) and in a full aspect (opposition) with the Sun, which is often found in the charts of those with personality disorders and other kinds of mental illness. This aspect can signify confusion about the self, a victim complex, and/or mental imbalance related to entity possession. Neptune is additionally in a square (tension aspect) to the ascendant, which we would expect to see in the chart of a chameleon and a passive narcissistic observer with a spineless mentality, one who is/was out of touch with reality and very oddly disconnected, as it appears Paddock was. Neptune is in an exact inconjunct (6/8 quincunx) with Mercury, a classic combination for a delusional individual and/or a con-artist.

Paddock’s sandhi (29-degree) Moon is in the nakshatra of Mars in the malefic eighth house and conjoined north node Rahu while opposing Pluto, all of which reflects the shooter’s standoffish, alienated, and caustic nature. Jataka Tatva says that the Moon conjoined Rahu and aspected by Jupiter indicates a “heinous sinner” (here the Moon is aspected by Jupiter through a rashi aspect). Ketu and Pluto conjoined in Cancer, with Pluto in the poisonous Ashlesha nakshatra and in the second house, points to his cursed genetic and familial heritage. His father was diagnosed as a psychopath and had been on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, all of which clearly impacted Paddock. There are also questions about his mother too, based on the Moon and fourth house afflictions, and also because, quite frankly, she chose to bear four children with a psychopath husband.

Pluto in Ashlesha nakshatra in its lower manifestation is unstable, elusive, crafty, manipulative, and vitriolic. Paddock was known to be verbally abusive to his girlfriend, and was often blatantly demanding and rude to others in public, according to multiple reports given by those who knew him. This line-up points to a severely mentally and emotionally imbalanced criminal mind, deceptive, and loaded with blind ambition.

Paddock had no peace, living atop a powder keg of rage and hatred. He himself told someone recently that his life was miserable. This Moon-Pluto-nodal alignment was directly triggered during the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse, and this resonated for a few months before and after the eclipse, as well. On the night of his rampage, it was again triggered by his monthly lunar return, with the Moon returning to its natal place.

A few other triggers include:

1. Using the 359-day year calculation, he was in the Vimshottari dasha (cycle) of Mercury-Mars-Rahu. This suggests Paddock in a state of mental suffering and feeling a heightened sense of conflict with “others.” All the issues I have mentioned about his Mercury, Mars and Rahu-Moon-Pluto are triggered in this cycle.

2. In addition, transit Rahu exactly triggered his natal Pluto by conjunction, while Ketu was triggering his natal Moon by conjunction in the eighth house, while transit /return Moon opposed his natal Pluto too, releasing some kind of massive emotional block, as in, “it all blew up.”

3. Uranus in transit ignited his fifth lord Venus (which rules the mind). Venus is also the twelfth lord (karmic events). Uranus transiting back and forth across his natal Venus since the summer 2016 would make him unstable, delusional, and agitated, but also meant that he was fantasizing about and seeking some great demonstration of power and a release.

4. Secondary Progressed Saturn was conjoined his secondary progressed Neptune triggering natal Saturn-Neptune and the aforementioned Yod. This would suggest that he had been feeling hopeless and nihilistic but that once he made his decision to slaughter innocent people, he felt wide awake and believed he was finally seeing clearly.

5. Secondary Progressed Mercury and Moon were in close conjunction with natal Uranus in the first house. This would indicate a belief, albeit distorted one, that there was a greater plan he had to carry out.

6. Transit Pluto stationed direct on September 28, 2017. The station of Pluto is in effect for about ten days so it was still in effect on October 1, making it very strong. It stationed transiting opposite Paddock’s Uranus in the first house, showing his carnage and own death through this shocking event.

I know that many people cannot or will not accept that such an evil capacity exists in one human being, and for whatever other reasons, they choose to believe any of the madcap conspiracy theories about this event, including that Paddock was affiliated with someone else, or that he was a “patsy.” However, I do believe he acted alone and for his own sick personal motives.

The ruler of the eleventh house (Mars) would indicate affiliated groups like ISIS or the CIA or any other number of organizations named in conspiracy theories as his co-conspirators. Paddock is represented by Mercury (ruler of the Gemini ascendant), yet Mars (eleventh lord/affiliates) has no significant aspect of cooperation or collusion with Mercury/Paddock (nothing connecting him to a group). So this makes me feel that he acted alone. He was known to be an outsider, with no known political or ideological affiliation. His horoscope screams “lone wolf,” and reveals that he was more a “perpetrator” than victim.

However, there is a rare aspect between Mercury and Mars which are ~52 degrees apart. This is called a septile (not the same as sextile) which is a 51-degree aspect in Western Astrology, relating to the seventh harmonic and other-worldliness, alienation, and secrecy. The septile refers to a powerful compulsion that must be acted upon. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote that that “the septile could indicate the anti-social predisposition of a native who rather tends to escape from the collective constraints, as if he/she were motivated by an occult power or a certain predestination, which could lead him/her to sacrifice and symbolical life”.

Remember, in the 359-day year calculation of Vimshottari dasha, Paddock was in the Mercury-Mars dasha, so this triggered the septile dynamic between Mars and Mercury. Mars as eleventh house ruler would also relate to his dreams and goals, and the septile with Mercury reflects his distorted sense of a unique destiny that could only unfold and free his soul through one final breakthrough solution. In the end, his name says it all: Paddock, which means a corral or enclosure for taming wild or unruly animals. In this case, for whatever sick reasons, the unruly one broke out of his paddock and laid waste to many innocent lives in this inconceivable tragedy.


Pluto Stationing Direct September 28, 2017

After having been retrograde since April 21, 2017, Pluto is now slowing down now for his direct station which will occur at ~23 degrees of sidereal Sagittarius on September 28, 2017. Pluto will remain in direct (forward) motion for about seven months and then will retrograde again next year, on April 23, 2018. His retrograde cycle lasts for about five months every year. (Please note, I am a Neo-Vedic astrologer which means I work with the outer planets but don’t assign them rulerships over signs. I also use the sidereal zodiac exclusively.)

So what is a retrograde planet? It is a planet that appears to be moving backward in relation to our perspective from the Earth. It doesn’t really go in reverse, but as a result of the variations of orbital speeds between the Earth and planets during certain times of the year, it appears to be moving in reverse motion. Additionally, it appears from Earth that a planet is just beginning to move slowly forward again, this is called “direct station” or a “stationary direct.” This is what will happen on September 28, but we may be feeling it now, and also for about 10 days after the direct station as well. A stationary direct planet is extremely strong (noticeable), and that would be for either “good or bad” depending on what it specifically represents in a natal or mundane horoscope.

Pluto is the Roman name of Hades, the Greek god of death and the underworld. Thus in astrology, Pluto is symbolic of death and renewal, regeneration, and transformation, and further represents what is in the unconscious, which must be made conscious. Pluto is also a higher octave of Mars, and in its more evolved expression, represents divine will and the power of transformation. Its lower manifestation reflects a more negative side of Mars—which can be extremely willful, controlling, and explosive.

Retrograde planets often bring delays in the areas they influence. For example, in the coronation chart for North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un, Pluto has been retrograde since last April in the all-important 10th house which represents the leader and the karma of the nation. It has been retrograde in the 1st house of the U.S. Kelleher chart as well, which is the house that represents the U.S. at large. Pluto correlates directly with nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, and during the retrograde cycle, it may appear that there has been little progress in the North Korean international nuclear crisis, and in fact, the crisis seems to be getting worse over time as the U.S. and allies in the U.N. are having to go back and deal with a longstanding issue that was allowed to grow out of control in the past. Once Pluto stations direct, we may finally begin to see some new forward momentum in this nuclear crisis.

Pluto will station direct exactly opposite the Sun in the 7th house of the U.S. Kelleher chart which can be indicative of the strength of the American leadership to help to successfully resolve this conflict with North Korea. The fear many astrologers have is that the opposition (stand-off) between the U.S. Sun and the stationary-direct Pluto could indicate some exposure to grave danger as this conflict could be met through a superior show of force. The weeks and days around a Pluto station are often associated with violence, accidents, and explosive events. Things can rupture. So it’s a good time to be extra-mindful of this and work on creating peaceful vibrations, because “with our thoughts, we create the world.”

Another possible manifestation of Pluto stationing opposite the U.S. Sun is that we will be hearing more about the nefarious attempts of the Deep State to thwart the current U.S. administration. This is because the Deep State is symbolized by Pluto, planet of plutocracies, crime syndicates, hidden agendas, and secret organizations, and the Sun represents the current leadership. The opposition of Pluto and Sun can point to a battle between these two powers, and the coming to light of some very dark secrets.

On the personal level, the retrograde motion of a planet intensifies its strength but turns its energy more inward and more intensely. According to astrologer Steven Arroyo, “Pluto represents a commitment to act upon our need for transformation, to incorporate the higher levels of consciousness into our very being, knowing that all desires and attachments will have to be brought to the surface and purged and that all our true motives will have to be faced. At this level of consciousness, one is no longer satisfied with mere knowledge or infatuation; one wants to bring all one’s mental and emotional resources to bear in the transformational process (Astrology, Karma and Transformation, p 48).

During the past five months of Pluto retrograde, you may have been going through a deep process of inner examination relative to what Pluto is influencing through its transit to your natal chart. For an example, if you are Scorpio Rising with Venus in the 2nd house of Sagittarius, then the Pluto transit could have been affecting issues related to money, and such matters could have come under deep review and healing in the past five months. Now, these days around the direct station of Pluto may be pivotal ones for some kind of release and possibly new insights and understandings coming out of Pluto’s slowly turning tide.

The Pluto station is occurring with the transiting Moon (the Goddess) conjunct Pluto and in sidereal Sagittarius in Purva Ashadha nakshatra, which is ruled by an ancient Vedic and Puranic goddess named Apah who (among other things) represents the karmic churning (purification) we all must undergo in life. This process is especially intense during the festival of Navaratri/Nine Nights of Mother Divine which is happening now (September 20-29 in the U.S.). Pluto stations in the auspicious pushkara navamsa of this nakshatra, which emphasizes a cleansing that leads to the reaping of good fruits. The direct station occurs near the end of the Navaratri festival when the Divine Mother’s healing energy and transformational power reach a crescendo. Purva Ashadha’s final gift is the shakti of invigoration, and the true remembrance that in the big scheme of things, we can’t lose.

Jupiter Libra and Rahu-Ketu/Cancer-Capricorn Ingress: September 2017 Sea Change!

According to the sidereal zodiac which is the traditional zodiac of Vedic astrology, Jupiter will transit in the constellation of Libra (Tula rashi) beginning on September 11, 2017 and lasting until October 11, 2018, Jupiter transits through one constellation every ~12 years, and the last time it transited through Libra was from September 2005 to October 2006. Additionally, the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu (true node calculation) are moving into the Cancer-Capricorn axis on September 8, 2017, and this transit will last until March 2019. If we use the mean node calculation, this ingress already occurred in mid-August 2017. Either way, we are in the midst of a sea change. I will start by discussing the Jupiter Libra ingress.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the significator (karaka) of dharma, the principle of cosmic order which points to our greatest path and purpose in life. Known as Guru in Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the head priest and teacher of all the gods. Jupiter as the karaka of akash (ether) represents the concept of divine grace and the principle of expansion. As the symbol of our grandest vision, Jupiter is the planet signifying spiritual protection; wisdom; faith; confidence; and all kinds of progress. Libra, ruled by Venus, symbolizes the arts, theater, and music; the judiciary of a nation; warfare and peace; air travel; windstorms; idealism; peacekeeping; cooperation; justice; harmony; and the need to strike balance, as for example, in interpersonal relationships. Continue reading

September 6, 2017: Aquarius Full Moon “When All Things Ripen”

The Moon is waxing fast, and here we are again seeking more light. The last full Moon of our summer season (northern hemisphere) will culminate in the sidereal sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 3:03 AM Eastern Time (Eastern Daylight Time). Known to Native Americans as the “Full Corn Moon” and also “The Moon When All Things Ripen,” this particular lunation represents the fullness of summertime.

Of all the full Moons in 2017, this one offers some of the most ample spiritual and healing blessings because in occurs in Aquarius, the Water Bearer who pours forth the “cosmic waters of life,” i.e. divine power, healing, and wisdom. The Aquarius Moon can give potential for a direct experience of Source Energy which brings soul sustenance and mind-body-spirit healing as well as restoring a sense of hope and faith no matter what one’s life circumstances.

The full Moon occurs in the fourth moksha pada of Pisces navamsa in Shatabisha nakshatra. This asterism is ruled by Varuna, Lord of the Cosmic Waters who carries the vessel of soma, an elixir which sustains all life processes throughout eternity. Among all 27 lunar mansions (nakshatras), Shatabisha is the main one for healing on all levels. It is connected to the sahasrara chakra, the thousand-petaled lotus at the crown of the head (seventh crown chakra) which is a portal to higher vibrations of Source Energy. The full Moon occurring in this alignment provides excellent conditions for easy opening of the crown chakra to receive vast downloads of these cosmic vibrations.

The full Moon is closely conjoined Neptune, which some sources believe to also be connected to Varuna. This is a combination that is imaginative, poetic, artistic, musical, euphoric, intuitive, spiritual, emotionally sensitive and otherworldly. However, when afflicted as it is by the opposition to Mars and being in the nodal axis, the Moon with Neptune can suggest a tendency for instability, paranoia, and mental suffering. This is also indicated because the Moon is in an exact 6/8 with Venus (sastha-astakam) also called a quincunx or inconjunct which is a 150-degree aspect between planets that represents some difficult energy that requires a serious adjustment.

The Moon signifies our feeling mind (manas), and Venus represents our virility/health, sense of comfort and peace, relationships, and also our ability to make choices for ourselves that create happiness and harmony. The 6/8 here indicates some potential health weakness (for some, depending on where the full Moon and transiting Venus fall in the natal chart), moodiness, emotional vulnerability, and some difficulty finding peace and comfort. On the mundane level, I have seen past major earthquakes and terror attacks occur in the days before or after a similar Moon-Venus quincunx.

The full Moon is always one of the most optimal times of the month for healing and meditation, but as mentioned, this one is extra-special. The Moon is strongest when waxing the day before it culminates, during what is called “purnima tithi,” which this month will extend from September 5 at 3:15 AM until September 6 at 3:03 AM Eastern Time. Anytime during this lunar day will be the best time to meditate and align with the healing lunar vibrations to help you feel lighter, connected to Spirit, and thus more at ease.

Here below I describe a simple way to work with the full Moon energy:

Face east. Sit quietly (outside under the full Moon preferably) and close your eyes. Soften them and gaze gently up toward your inner brow, and imagine you are a beautiful tree with roots reaching down and branches reaching up. Connect your roots as you feel them extending down from your sit bones into the ground beneath and deep on down into the center of the Earth. Take several deep breaths while running your energy up and down from your sit bones through your roots. Relax and let go into Mother Earth’s full, loving embrace. Now is a good time to make a sankalpa, an intention affirmation for the practice. A good one for the full Moon will usually include an expression of rejoicing and gratitude, such as: “I live in joy and appreciation for the goodness that fills my life.”

Now as you continue deep full body breaths, soften and begin to feel your whole being expanding and becoming lighter, freer and bigger. Gently bring your awareness to the branches and leaves of your tree and notice how majestically you rise up to meet the light flowing from the heavens above. After a few more deep body breaths, begin to draw your attention to the top of your tree at the crown of your head, and imagine it as a vortex of energy that is whirling clockwise. Continue to breathe deeply and feel yourself expanding out through your crown and this vortex in all directions.

When you are ready, envision the full Moon above your crown like a gigantic pearly orb overflowing with white and violet nectar which is being fed by the Water of Life streaming down from the Water Bearer. Notice that this Source of nectar is unlimited, and when you are aligned with it, you need ask for nothing else because everything is coming to you already. Continue to experience the nectar streaming down from this cosmic Source into the full Moon and then into your crown chakra.

Send the nectar down your spinal channel and out through all other channels into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies until you are overflowing with it. Send it deep within your core and into the earth through your roots again, and then flowing back up from the core of the earth and out to our planet Earth and beyond into the whole cosmos, and back and forth, which is called “running your energy.” When you feel complete, just bask in the radiance and enjoy, and repeat your sankalpa again when you are ready.

Happy Full Moon. I wish you all happiness, prosperity, peace, love and light!

The Great American Eclipse, Part IV: Drama and Rebirth in 2017-2018

In Part IV of my Great American Eclipse series, I share some of my research into past eclipses and prognosticate about some possible current and future trends related to the eclipses of August 2017. Please refer to my previous eclipse installments for more information about the eclipses: Parts One, Two, and Three. 


(Please note: My work is based on the sidereal zodiac only.)

  • Not only the U.S. but many other areas of the world will be affected now and through the next year. However, late July through early September especially, we might expect to see a lot of Murphy’s Law in effect, as all manner of things can go haywire in eclipse seasons.
  • The U.S. will continue an intense process of cultural and political rebirth which is already in play, including a trend toward isolationism and nationalism. There is a burning desire among traditionalists to protect and fight for the nation’s most fundamental values and liberties.
  • The eclipse in Leo reflects the possibility for disruptive and dangerous geophysical disasters including damaging fires and droughts. A diplomatic international crisis is also a possibility with the Leo eclipse.
  • A key leader or leaders on the world stage may pass away or be deposed in the coming six months, but it will not be President Trump. He will continue to fight his opponents while trying to get his message across and push forth his agenda. The Leo eclipse for the President appears to be propitious, but suggests much more political drama and outright “political warfare” developing in the coming months.
  • The 145 Saros cycle reflects the chance of major storms and floods, as well as the fear or threat of nuclear military action, and a mild recession but not a major economic crash.
  • Some very difficult karma from the past which is unresolved will be coming back into the picture (or is not going away) and my intuition is that this relates to our known foreign enemies, including those living within our borders and those abroad.
  • A military or terrorist attack on the U.S. and/or military action by the U.S. is definitely not out of the range of possibility.
  • Mild or moderate seismic activity on the U.S. West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, or the U.S. Midwest as well as other parts of the world is also a possibility, but Yellowstone’s super volcano will most likely not erupt.
  • The eclipse falls in the 9th house of the U. S. Kelleher chart which brings ongoing focus and transformation in matters related to extreme ideological differences and culture wars, higher education; morals, ethics, religion and ideology; laws, judges, courts, and legal matters; journalism and publishing; shipping and trade; immigration; foreign relations; and science and invention. In terms of the latter, some groundbreaking discoveries are on the horizon.
  • Eclipses occur when the negative power of the world has been whipped up to a frenzy. Poison can be released, literally or metaphorically. In terms of the latter, we see this happening in America’s interminable culture wars being waged over traditionalist versus liberal values. The eclipse path line dissects the U.S. symbolizing the extreme danger we face in the current state of racial, cultural, and political hatred, unrest and divisiveness.
  • There may be added focus and new developments during the next six months or so on the criminal justice system as it toughens up on crime and illegal immigration. Additionally, the mining, automobile, transportation, chemical/pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries are going to go through some significant new growth and development, as will real estate and home building; and oil transportation issues loom large, such as pipeline concerns.

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The Great American Eclipse, Part III: Eclipses as Omens of Personal Transformation and World Events

“Beam of the Sun! O thou that seest from afar, what wilt thou be devising? O  mother of mine eyes! O star supreme, reft from us in the daytime! Why has thou perplexed the power of man and the way of wisdom by rushing forth on a darksome track? Art thou bringing a sign of some war, or wasting of produce, or an unspeakably violent snow-storm, or fatal faction, or again, some overflowing of the sea on the plain, or frost to bind the earth, or heat of the south wind streaming with raging rain? Or wilt thou, by deluging the land, cause the race of men to begin anew? I in no wise lament whate’er I shall suffer with the rest!”  (Greek poet Pinder, addressing the Thebans, referring to the solar eclipse of 30 April 463 BC, which was nearly total at Thebes, quoted in Historical Eclipses and Earth’s Rotation, by F. Richard Stephenson, Cambridge University Press, 1997, page 344, and, in part, in Encyclopedia Britannica CD 98.)

Welcome to Part III of my Great American Eclipse series. In Part I and Part II, I laid the groundwork for this and my next and final article. In this installment, I explain something about how astrology analyzes eclipses in general. In the next and final installment, Part IV, I will offer my analysis of the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. One thing that is important to understand is that the eclipse day itself may or may not be eventful, but more importantly, eclipses often point to changing trends and larger cycles which extend sometimes for years going backward or forward. That said, the eclipse day itself, as well as the days and weeks around eclipses, are a sensitive time, which I have discussed in my previous articles.

What do eclipses mean astrologically? In a nutshell, they shine a spotlight on a certain area of the zodiac, just as with any other planetary transit. Astrologers then superimpose the transit chart of an eclipse over an individual birth horoscope or a mundane (world) horoscope, i.e., a chart for a country, business, or other entity. When the eclipse closely aspects planets or sensitive points, then matters relating to these planets or points will be highlighted. In natal astrology, eclipses often awaken new awareness and bring changes in the areas of life they activate according to the sign, house, planets, and points that the eclipse activates. Whether these changes are “good or bad” depends on the natal significations of that planet or point, as well as aspects, other transits, natal combinations (yogas), and dasas (progressions). In mundane astrology, solar and lunar eclipses are omens of change which reflect important and far-reaching world events extending over some considerable time.

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Part Two of the Great American Eclipse: Partial Lunar Eclipse of August 7/8, 2017

On August 7, 2017, two weeks before the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, we will have a partial lunar eclipse. This will occur on August 8 in parts of Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific Ocean. The lunar eclipse will be visible from most parts of South and East Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Exact lunar phase will occur at 18:10 UTC / 14:10 EDT, and the greatest eclipse will occur at 18:20 UTC / 14:20 EDT. The less intense penumbral portion of the eclipse will extend from 15:50 to 20:51 UTC, and the stronger partial eclipse will extend from 17:23 to 19:18 UTC. According to NASA, the duration of the eclipse will be one hour and 55 minutes.

Image result for lunar eclipse map august 7 2017

Above Image Credit:


The term “eclipse” refers to the ecliptic, i.e., the Sun’s apparent path, where the Moon crosses the Sun’s path on the eclipse points. These points are the lunar nodes, where the Moon crosses in either a) an ascending path, called the North Node/Rahu/Dragon’s Tail or Caput Draconis, or b) a descending path, called the South Node/Ketu/Dragon’s Tail or Caudus Draconis. A lunar eclipse occurs on full Moon when the light of the Moon is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, at which time the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, or we say when the Sun and Moon are at opposition, or 180 degrees apart in opposite signs and houses. This solar and lunar eclipse YouTube animation helps to visualize the lunar nodes and eclipses, which are also shown below. You can see that they are not always in the same zodiacal longitude as the luminaries they eclipse. Continue reading